Bridging the Gap with our Departed Loved Ones with Richard John Allen

The podcast aired on 5/17/2023

Episode Summary

Susan Ways, your host, welcomes Richard John Allen to today’s episode. Richard has a mission of dedicating his life to helping others overcome their struggles and find hope and healing, providing support and guidance for anyone experiencing loss. Whether you're struggling with the death of a loved one or other life changes, Richard wants to help people find peace and healing through his books, podcast, or one-on-one coaching to help others navigate their unique challenges.

No Labels, No Limits podcast welcomes Richard John Allen

The podcast aired on 5/5/2023

Episode Summary

The No Labels, No Limits podcast welcomes Richard Allen as he shares comforting conversations around the topic of grief and coping with losing a loved one. We chat about: The lessons grief has taught him, The science behind stress and grief caused by loss, Being patient, Keeping an open mind and looking for messages, and Finding healing in religion.

All About the Grief Process and How to Get Through It

The podcast aired on 5/3/2023

Episode Summary

Host Dave Nassaney and co-host Debbie Peterson talk to author Richard John Allen about his grief journey after losing his father. Richard talks about the different grief he experienced when his mother survived an aneurysm, and how his father passed away due to cancer. Richard shares details of his last 3 books, and how they can help people with their grief.

Coping With The First Time I was Hit By Grief

The podcast aired on 3/29/2023

Episode Summary

In this episode, Ian and Rich talk about how to keep calm and cope with grief. Rich reflects on how the loss of his father affected him and how he managed to go forward in his life. Rich talks about losing his father during the pandemic, planning the funeral, signs from his father, leaving the corporate world to write his books, and helping others cope with grief.

Grief Changes Everything: Beyond Tears

The podcast aired on 3/10/2023

Podcast Host, Theresa Cheung, chats to number 1 Amazon bestselling author on grief and bereavement, (Richard) John Allen, about the trauma and transformative potential of grief. We discuss everything from the initial shock of losing a loved one to organizing the finances and the signs we can receive from the other side.

Keep Calm and Cope With Grief - John Allen

The podcast aired on 2/22/2023

There are no words that can describe how the audience feels when they lose a loved one. With so many emotions running through their veins, it’s hard to focus on anything anymore. Author Richard John Allen delves into the details of how life and death are intrinsically linked. Your audience will be given an entirely new perspective on living with grief and that there is life after this. The author shares his own experience of losing a loved one, his own father, an experience that shrouded him in a ‘cloak of grief’.

Father Loss, Signs, Writing, Coping and More

The podcast aired on 1/22/2023

In this episode, author and writer, Richard John Allen, joins the podcast to share his story about the sudden death of his beloved father. Through pain and sudden loss, he found purpose in writing books about grief and sharing with others how to “Keep Calm and Cope” with grief. Listen, to hear Richard’s heartfelt story and how he moves through grief.

Viewing Grief Through A Holiday Lens

The podcast aired on 12/13/2022

Following the death of his father, John, Richard John Allen began an in-depth search to understand his grief experience. This led to him start writing and focus on a different aspect of grief that he discovered through his own grief journey and through research.

In this interview, he speaks about his experience and shares some of his wisdom, applying it to a holiday grief experience.

Managing Grief and the Holidays

The podcast aired on 12/12/2022

Here’s what we talk about:

  • Richard’s experience with dealing with the loss of his father

  • Watching a loved one’s last breath

  • Going through grief through the support of family

  • Using the “busyness” of life to cope with grief

  • Rich doing his father’s eulogy. He didn’t want to let his dad down.

  • The value of learning about your loved one while they’re here.

  • Being aware of signs. Your loved ones may be trying to get in touch.

Grief is a complex emotion

The podcast aired on 12/14/2022

The author's books provide a heartwarming resource for anyone currently dealing with grief due to a loss. It doesn’t matter if they have lost a loved one to suicide, a sudden accident, or a long-term illness, his books will guide them through the many layers of the ‘cloak of grief'. In this episode, we discuss memories of our loved ones. How to support your family while they can also support you. We also discuss signs from our loved ones.